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The CSS text-overflow property can be set to ellipsis, which cuts off text with an ellipsis when it overflows the content area.[17][18]OCLC8063090"The Power of Dots: Using Nonverbal Compensators in Chat Reference" (PDF)Retrieved 24 October 2011www.uuuwg.com Name Character Unicode HTML entity name or Numeric character reference Use Horizontal ellipsis U+2026 … General Laotian ellipsis U+0EAF ຯ General Mongolian ellipsis U+1801 ᠁ General Thai ellipsis U+0E2F ฯ General Vertical ellipsis U+22EE ⋮ Mathematics Midline horizontal ellipsis U+22EF ⋯ Mathematics Up-right diagonal ellipsis U+22F0 ⋰ Mathematics Down-right diagonal ellipsis U+22F1 ⋱ Mathematics Presentation form for vertical horizontal ellipsis U+FE19 ︙ Vertical form Although an ellipsis is technically complete with three periods (.), its rise in popularity as a "trailing-off" or "silence" indicator, particularly in mid-20th-century comic strip and comic book prose writing, has led to expanded uses online


"text [] text").[9]The Chicago Manual of Style suggests the use of an ellipsis for any omitted word, phrase, line, or paragraph from within but not at the end of a quoted passageWhen an ellipsis replaces a fragment omitted from a quotation, the ellipsis is enclosed in parentheses or square bracketsIn reported speech, the ellipsis can be used to represent an intentional silenceThe Chicago Style Q&A recommends to avoid the use of (U+2026) character in manuscripts and to place three periods plus two nonbreaking spaces (...) instead, so that an editor, publisher, or designer can replace them later.[27]Currently, the MLA has removed the requirement of brackets in its style handbooks


Look up ellipsis in Wiktionary, the free dictionaryBackground[edit]π = 3.14159265 … {displaystyle pi =3.14159265ldots } OCLC50848361ISBN9780190295943


]The Elements of Typographic Style (Version 2.5 ed.)For other uses, see Ellipsis (disambiguation)^ thefreedictionary.com ^ as coined by Virginia Woolf in her short story The Mark on The Wall -- or so do notes in Penguin Books' edition (Virginia Woolf: Selected Short Stories) suggest^ In some Linux distributions, it can be inserted with AltGr+., or alternatively The sign of ellipsis can function as a floor holding device, and signal that more is to come, for instance when people break up longer turns in chat.[19] Dot-dot-dot can be used systematically to enact linguistic politeness, for instance indicating topic change or hesitation.[20] Suspension dots can be turn construction units to signal silence, for example when indicating disagreement, disapproval or confusion.[21] In Chinese, the ellipsis is six dots (in two groups of three dots, occupying the same horizontal or vertical space as two characters) (i.eThis is used in many languages, including Pascal, Modula, Oberon, Ada, Haskell, Perl, Python, Ruby and F#


The precise meaning varies by language, but it generally involves something dealing with multiple itemsFor the syntactic omission of words, see Ellipsis (linguistics)See Ellipsis (programming operator)If there is an ellipsis at the end of an incomplete sentence, the final full stop is omittedRetrieved 18 May 2017Another example is the set of zeros of the cosine function: 9796455311

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